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Developer: Janusware
Specifications: Version 3.6 adds full support for Windows 10 thumbcache and iconcache files (thumbcache_idx.db, thumbcache_16.db, thumbcache_32.db, thumbcache_48.db, thumbcache_96.db, thumbcache_256.db, thumbcache_768.db, thumbcache_1280.db, thumbcache_1920.db, thumbcache_2560.db, thumbcache_sr.db, thumbcache_wide.db, thumbcache_wide_alternate.db, thumbcache_exif.db, thumbcache_custom_stream.db, iconcache_idx.db, iconcache_16.db, iconcache_32.db, iconcache_48.db, iconcache_96.db, iconcache_256.db, iconcache_768.db, iconcache_1280.db, iconcache_1920.db, iconcache_2560.db, iconcache_sr.db, iconcache_wide.db, iconcache_wide_alternate.db, iconcache_exif.db, iconcache_custom_stream.db)
Requirements: None
Limitation: Shows the first seven pictures from thumbcache file
Operation system: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10
Price: $29.99
License: Free to try
Version: v3.1
Downloads: 4745
Download Thumbs.db Viewer Key 3.1

Thumbnail Database Viewer

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Posted on 2015-11-11

The “File” item in the main menu has two options for showing hidden system files: Show hidden files and folders Do not show hidden files and folders Thumbs.Db Viewer 3.6 allows: displaying Thumbs.Db, thumbcache_*.Db, iconcache_*.Db database records as well as the miniature graphics generated in each (with the original file name and timestamp); displaying technical information (headers of files, entries and thumbnails, image details, etc.); Collects all the Thumbs.Db, thumbcache_*.Db, iconcache_*.Db files in and below the specified folder; searches the Recycle Bin (INFO2 files) for deleted Thumbs.Db, thumbcache_*.Db, iconcache_*.Db files; extracts and views all or selected pictures as an HTML representation; views with an external image viewer any of the original files corresponding to those stored in the Thumbs.Db (thumbcache_*.Db, iconcache_*.Db) thumbnail metadata (if it exists); views the image in full size or as the best fit for the program`s window; rotates images right or left by 90 degrees; using a heuristic algorithm, the program can search swap and hibernation files for JPG graphic files. To confirm this action, please enter the title of the story below.

System requirements

Locate the following setting in the list: Turn off caching of thumbnail pictures This setting will allow you to prevent Windows from saving thumbnails in the thumbcache databases. The caching of the thumbnails in thumbs.Db is intended to speed up the displaying of thumbnails as new thumbnails need not be created every time the folder is viewed. Software to reconstruct Thumbs.Db database records. User tools to reconstruct Thumbs.Db, ehthumbs.Db, thumbcache_*.Db (Windows Vista,Windows 7) and iconcache_*.Db (Windows 8/10) database records.

Thumbs.db Viewer Pro – Windows 8 Downloads

Brilliant photos just one click away Image decoder pack for Windows 8.X, 7 and Vista, supports 45+ file formats. This system file is called a Thumbs.Db and is actually a database of the miniature images that exist in the folder from which they were initiated.

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Mapped entries that included extended information while searching the Windows.Edb will be displayed in green. It can be used with all instant messenger like MSN,… GuthrieSavage Sudan; its wild tribes, big-game and bird-life book pdfLonely Planet Hungary (Country Travel Guide) ebook rarThe JGirls Guide: The Young Jewish Woman’s Handbook for Coming of Age download pdfLonely Planet Micronesia book pdfToni #4 (Blacktop) download pdf These buttons correspond to different commands: These buttons are described below: Table Button Button Name Description Rotate clockwise Rotate the image by 90o clockwise (this turn will be stored if you show the files later).

Frequently Asked Questions About Thumbcache Databases

In practice some files may contain more items than found in Thumbcache_idx.Db From Windows 8 were added: thumbcache_16.Db, thumbcache_48.Db, thumbcache_wide.Db, thumbcache_exif.Db, iconcache_16.Db, iconcache_32.Db, iconcache_48.Db, iconcache_96.Db, iconcache_256.Db, iconcache_1024.Db, iconcache_sr.Db, iconcache_wide.Db, iconcache_exif.Db, iconcache_idx.Db From Windows 10 were added: thumbcache_768.Db, thumbcache_1280.Db, thumbcache_1920.Db, thumbcache_2560.Db, thumbcache_wide_alternate.Db, thumbcache_custom_stream.Db, iconcache_768.Db, iconcache_1280.Db, iconcache_1920.Db, iconcache_2560.Db, iconcache_wide_alternate.Db, iconcache_custom_stream.Db and deleted: thumbcache_1024.Db, iconcache_1024.Db Deleting the Thumbs.Db file in Windows has no affect on your operating system (despite the message you will see stating that it is a system file) or the future ability to view thumbnails at any time: the Thumbs.Db file is recreated in each folder each time you view thumbnails. Of particular interest: the Main Menu and Toolbar provides quick ways of performing the most common tasks: the Main Window Area displays information about the Thumbs.Db files, the progress of the program actions, details of the cache and details of the thumbnail and original image: the Status Line displays the processing time of the currently selected Thumbs.Db, the number of thumbnails and current image dimensions.