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20 Miscellaneous commands

Title [windowtitle]Set the name of the current window. To turn on the onscreen keyboard: Your email address will not be published. Break [duration]Send a break signal to the current window. There’s nothing to configure in this virtual keyboard and the only annoyance we find is it starts up together with Windows which can be disabled from the “msconfig” tool at Startup tab. The flow-control options (‘-f’, ‘-fn’ and ‘-fa’), title option (‘-t’), login options (‘-l’ and ‘-ln’) , terminal type option (‘-T term’), the all-capability-flag (‘-a’) and scrollback option (‘-h num’) may be specified with each command.

14.7 Bindkey Control

We’re a small non-profit, and to lose our financials would be the end of us. Initially line-wrap is on and can be toggled with the wrap command (C-a r) or by means of “C-a : wrap on.Off”.

21 String Escapes

You can modify actions for each swipe type, or disable only some of them. Next: , Previous: , Up: — Command: clear (C-a C) Clears the screen and saves its contents to the scrollback buffer.

6.2 Screen Command

If the option -h is specified, dump also the contents of the scrollback buffer. (None) If set to ‘on’, screen will append to the hardcopy.N files created by the command hardcopy; otherwise, these files are overwritten each time. (None) Defines a directory where hardcopy files will be placed. Next: , Previous: , Up: 14 Key Binding You may disagree with some of the default bindings (I know I do). This will not run another copy of screen, but will instead supply the command name and its arguments to the window manager (specified in the $STY environment variable) who will use it to create the new window. Filed Under: Your email address will not be published.

Featured appSecurity & Privacy

It really depends on if you are being targeted or not. When creating a screen session, this option sets the default command character. See also ‘defutf8’, which changes the default setting of a new window. €” Command: defc1 state (none) Same as the ‘c1’ command except that the default setting for new windows is changed. No data is sent and no modem control line is changed when a break is issued.

Unique Keylogger features

A weird imagination is most useful to gain full advantage of all the features. Next: , Previous: , Up: 11.9 Reset — Command: reset (C-a Z) Reset the virtual terminal to its “power-on” values.

5.2 Command Summary

Note that if ‘interrupt’ is enabled, all existing displays are changed immediately to forward interrupt signals. €” Command: flow [fstate] (C-a f, C-a C-f) Sets the flow-control mode for this window to fstate, which can be ‘on’, ‘off’ or ‘auto’. Granted there is no guarantee of anything here, but having it in your pocket increases the likelihood that you’ll be able to use it. Use the empty bind command (as in bind “^”) to remove a key binding (see ). If time-stamps are turned ‘on’, screen adds a string containing the current time to the logfile after two minutes of inactivity. Writelock on.Off.AutoGrant exclusive write permission.